Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Red-Legged Table

We tend to come upon a lot of tables and then they start breeding in our indoor junk yard. This one required a little help before being customer-friendly. The top had a thick coat of poly on it that was cracked and flaking badly. I had stripped it off and sanded before remembering to take a 'before' shot, but you get the idea.
My favorite red is the Colonial Red by Rust-Oleum. The consistency is wonderful so it goes on like a dream. Then, I used a food-grade poly on the top partially because I was having to do it indoors and it doesn't smell. There is a burn spot on the top that I couldn't remove but in the end we accept all flaws as personality and it turned out rather striking. We put a price of $135 on it.  SOLD  http://www.rustybucketantiques.com/

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