Monday, December 20, 2010

In the Beginning

It's amazing how concepts can change even if you feel dead-set against doing things certain ways. I've learned never to say never.
Businesses evolve sometimes without meaning to and that would be The Rusty Bucket. We started our modest shop in a different town at a different time and under a different name. It was to be a primitive do-it-yourself kind of eclectic antique shop where we barely kicked the dirt off the furniture. The customers would come in, gain inspiration, take home an item and make it their own. I really hope they actually did it instead of piling their purchase in the garage with good intentions. Hey, life happens and I can't point fingers.
Two years ago, we opened a shop in Spooner, Wisconsin with the idea of doing the same thing. We loved the idea of keeping it simple - buy cheap to sell cheap and let our customers gain the satisfaction of doing it themselves. We found through trial and error that our favorite customers really wanted a finished piece. There is very little interest in completing a project, time aside. Fortunately, we are here seven days a week (unfortunately?) and neither one of us can sit still so we started putzing - me painting and he more time in the work shop. With just a little time spent on each piece, we still keep our prices down and our turnover high.
In this blog, I would really like to show what we do from start to finish. We get so excited about before and after shots in magazines, for instance, what a dumpster-dive save could look like with a fresh coat of paint. We want to inspire people to think outside the box.

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