Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The 10 Year Project

This is one of those classic tales of good intentions. I bought the headboard and foot board 10 years ago with the intention of making a bench. It sat in an attic space for 5 years and when I got divorced, I took them with me. They sat in a barn, moved to a garage, and finally made it into our in-door junk yard in the back of our shop for the last year. My very creative other half picked them up yesterday, married them with a table top half, used a part of another table to make the braces on the sides and, voila!, a bench. The white you see is completely natural - they absolutely match like it was meant to be.
We have a hard time throwing anything away because everything can be repurposed given time and that ah-ha moment. It's priced at $110.
http://www.rustybucketantiques.com/ SOLD

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