Thursday, December 23, 2010

Art-deco in Red

This is one of my insisted purchases that makes my partner look at me like I am crazy. It's not really our style but it is a good lesson to step outside the box once in awhile, not to mention the price was a good experimental investment.

Honestly, despite what you see so far from the blog, we are not paint-crazed people. In fact, unless it is damaged like most older veneer furniture are, we don't touch it. We have many beautiful hardwood dressers with chips and cigarette burns on them that I refuse to touch. We keep those cheap enough for someone else to make it there own, although I try to get people see it for what it is and the beauty it has in it's unique character flaws. I like things loved and primitive but I understand this isn't everyones bag. I call it 'Sharpie-friendly'. Life happens and I don't want to cry if the kids or dogs decide something needs more patina. Besides, with some furniture, it is really hard to see the potential no matter how cheap it is and we've learned that if we paint some things, it gives people the OK to paint it a different color.

Back to red. This one had very little veneer damage, but I did have to remove it from an entire drawer front. I filled in a few holes where there had been pulls instead of knobs with a dowel, puttied it, and sanded. I ditched the back part of the hardware but kept the knob because the rose motif was perfect with the Colonial Red (by Rust-Oleum, of course). A paste-wax finish completed the job and it's on the floor at $110.   SOLD

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