Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Little Black Buffet

I love buffets! They are tremendously versatile and yet so under-rated. We can usually pick them up at auction for nothing and with a little elbow grease, they are my favorite transformation. This one had hugh veneer issues on the top. You can see I patched up a drawer already. I filled in the rough spots with wood filler, lightly sanded and painted. I was going to step out of my comfort zone and actually do a color but nothing looked right. In the end, with the top being a little too 'loved', I opted for the black because it is so forgiving and hides the filler perfectly. After two coats of my favorite Rust-Oleum, I sanded the edges to give it a little age and used a paste wax to seal it. I decided to keep the hardware because it looked great after some steel wool treatment. This is by far my favorite technique. Distressing is a great look and very liveable. If it gets scuffed or scratched, it's called patina and blends into the existing 'personality'. The price is $175. http://www.rustybucketantiques.com/ SOLD

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