Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dresser or Buffet? You Decide

     We were fortunate enough to buy a small estate recently and it couldn't have been better timing. Not so much because the vultures were circling waiting snap it up before us but because we desperately need some bigs in the shop.  This dresser turned buffet was one of them. It looks very similar to the art-deco one I did earlier, but this one is smaller.
     The structure was solid and had no veneer issues. (Yeah!)  I filled in the lines on the drawers and the holes from the handles. I learned this great trick where you fill the hole with golf pegs, cut off the parts that are sticking out, sand and putty. So simple! These holes were actually too big for golf pegs (I didn't have any, anyway) and too small for the wooden pegs so I had to drill the hole a bit bigger to hammer the pegs in. I had exactly ten floral-design pulls left from Lord-knows-where. I thought with the color it was fitting.
     Since we had sold the last red buffet, I didn't hesitate to do another. I just love, love that Rust-Oleum Colonial Red paint!

     Drilling new holes after two coats of paint and we have another gorgeous dresser/buffet/side board/entertainment center/bathroom vanity. So many options!   http://www.rustybucketantiques.com/


  1. love that dress now buffet or what ever you need. You give such great ideas. Thanks


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