Friday, April 1, 2011

Aquarium Stand Side Board

     We've had this aquarium stand for two years.  We don't use anything for its original intention so it never saw any fish during its stay under our roof.  Instead, I used it to stack short planks on its end so they wouldn't get buried in the pile.  I have been getting down on boards for my signs so it wasn't being used to its full potential.  Anything is fair game in our indoor junk yard.  The rule is that the other doesn't have a claim on anything, especially if it has been sitting around for almost two years.  But, I was using that!!!  You snooze, you lose.
     When I saw the end result, I had to nod with humble approval.  He'd done it again.  My partner had taken this cast-off and poly-ed the steel base, showing all it's glorious wear and tear.  He glued some 1 x 6's together and made a beautiful top and a shelf below. 
     Now my storage unit is a spectacular side board! 

     Got any fave salvage stories? 


  1. hiya ,i am visitinf form catch as catch can and your newest follower x great transformation and way to go giving it another lifetime of use , tfs , hope you stop by mine sometime too

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  3. The table is great but what is that amazing birdhouse thingy beside it? LOVE!....I realized I used awesome about 3 times in previous post...had to redo

  4. This is great. I'm looking to do something with the hairpin legs soon...once i get some legs;)

  5. This is awesome! Now I'll be hunting for an old aquarium stand:) I need a foyer table.

  6. wow! this makes a great table!
    "catching" you this week.



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