Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shabby Wardrobe Redo

     We just picked this little wardrobe up from a local auction house last week.  Originally, it had mirrors on the panels when they brought it in, but, in the move, one of them had broke in the handling.  So, when we picked it up, it had the one left.  This is probably one of those fortunate events, because I would have left the mirrors on most likely.  It would have been very functional, but I don't think I would have been as happy with the end result.
     In the planning stages, I originally had my heart set on painting it white and finding some beautiful green glass knobs (which I didn't have).  We do have some neighbors that refinish some absolutely gorgeous pieces and I thought maybe I could barter for some.  I had just finished painting their 'OPEN' sign and ended up trading it for a pair of big antiques knobs in my desired color.
     Now, if you notice the after shot, it is not white.  Somewhere in between the planning and the painting, I changed my mind.  I couldn't really decide what I wanted to do with the panels.  We had bought a birch covered trunk full of material from the same auction, so when I saw the white linen, I knew that that would be perfect.  Having two whites together, however, always leaves one ending up looking dirty.  I sided with the linen and found this beautiful green paint in my stash.  The new color, however, wasn't really compatable with the color of the knobs.  So, now I have a pair of  glass knobs for some other project, but I'll most likely horde them for a few years.

   This pretty green color came from another garage sale score for $1 and I had these black knobs that I took off a cabinet two years ago.  The cool part is that I didn't finish taking the paint off the knobs so it has more of a shabby look.
     Two easy coats and a scuff job later, the cabinet was done.
     I gathered the ends of the linen material using a basting stitch and pulled until it was the same width as the panel.  I had cut some wood strips the same length and just tacked the linen down to hold them in place, top and bottom. 
     And, Voila!



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