Saturday, March 26, 2011

Numbered Gate Leg Table

     This started as a poly-ed plywood, broken gate leg table.  The wings are very versatile when you need extra seating for the kids table or buffet style dining, however, we find that most people like the look but these tables usually end up being used primarily as an end table.  'Just in case' is always nice because you do never know.  This handy end table is especially unique in that there are drawers on both sides! 
    My partner had to replace one of the gates and used his new pocket hole maker we picked up at a garage sale last year.  Score!  The surface was good but felt it needed a paint job.  I had picked up this great copper color (do I dare say it?) at a garage sale last summer.  It's a great earthy tone that sold well last year, so I'm hoping...  The color in itself was too much and I was really stumped as what to do about it.  I had thought originally a two-tone job but I, honestly, wasn't comfortable with my options.  What about a maizy yellow and scuff job?  Cool, but I didn't have a maize color and, if you haven't noticed by now, I probably won't buy it unless it comes at a severe discount.
     Then I remembered something I've been dying to do since I saw it.
I've always wanted to do a numbered stencil job but nothing seemed right until this project.  It has six drawers, what better way to point it out?  Perfect!
     Beth can now be found at where she has pictured a mason jar chandelier and a sweet little stool both with numbered stencil jobs.  Sky's the limit!
     I do everything by hand so I drew it out and painted them in black.  (Tip to self: Don't drink a lot of coffee before painting).  I did the usual scuffing and a paste wax finish.
     I may add more black but haven't decided where.  Maybe the table's edging or the underside of its leaves.
     I did do all six numbers.  I have them arranged to show an odd and even side in one picture and a more typical arrangement in the other.  You decide.


  1. Great idea! I love the paint color. My favorite colors are the colors of old railroad cars...the mustard you used is dead on for the car color! Thanks for following my blog..I am your newest follower...please, visit again. Hope you saw my post on my window pane coffee table!

  2. Gorgeous! I love that it has drawers on both side. I also wish your store was closer to me in Michigan. I would be a frequent customer:)

  3. That is really gorgeous indeed! Love the numbers, it makes it so whimsical. Thanks for your comment today. I had a little chuckle:)

  4. What a wonderfully unique piece! I love the numbering, very impressive that you did it by hand!


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