Monday, May 2, 2011

Signs From Bed Rails

     I see signs for every scrap of wood. He sees head boards and foot boards as potential benches but I see signs. He seems to get all the 'good' stuff because he can make more financially with his finished product so I can't argue, but I do come across some cool scraps like these former bed rails. The patina was perfect for something more whimsical.
     I usually have a list of favorite phrases waiting to be painted onto a sign.  So once I have that perfect board, I find the perfect font somewhere on-line.  With my trusty quilter's ruler, I draw it out free hand then I hand paint them (no coffee that day!)
     Yes, doing the math, I would be missing a sign.  I turned my back and my partner had it sold before I could get a picture of it.  It was 'Cottage Garden' in green lettering.

Kind of hard to see but it says Shabby Chic.

     I have a real hard time throwing anything away because everything is potentially useful.  I even kept the metal brackets from the ends.  I could use those on my bird houses, although I'm not sure how yet.  I'll think of something.;)

This is the back side of the bed rails where you can see where
the hardware would've gone.


  1. I really like the shabby chic sign. Very nice :D

  2. I am the same way about scrap boards and making signs! Yours look great!


  3. Hi Bethanie, thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm following you now.

    I enjoy reading posts like these; about the creative process. I find it inspiring to learn how you look at things from a creative point of view.

    Your signs are great. My fav is the TaDA! sign. Sometimes its just cool to say. lol

    Wishing u a fantastic weekend.


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