Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Versatile Bogger Award

     Thank you, thank you, thank you, Karajeanne of Decor Voyeur!
     What an honor to be thought of for such an award! 
     Now with such an award comes certain responsibilities, some easy and one I find challenging. 
1. Thank the person who awarded you (easy)
2. Share 7 things about yourself (somewhat challenging)
3. Award 15 discovered bloggers (urg! only 15?)

     I would like to take a moment and say that if you haven't stopped at Karajeanne's blog Decor Voyeur, you are missing out on a great part of the day.  This gal will keep you in stitches with her candidness.  She is witty, charming, honest (you gotta see her kitchen to understand the                                                        depth of this forthright honesty), bold and without fear.  This gal loves                                                         you, Karajeanne!
     Next step............
  1. My favorite lunch is CHEAP.  As long as it is under 50 cents, I'll love it.  Lately, that would be Raman noodles, a hunk of good cheese and hamburger bun from the local bakery.  (You can get a sack of three day old goods for $3!  I make a lot of French toast and bread pudding.)
  2. Our house does not look like our shop.  Not even close.  It does have some vague eclectic touches but everything else, like the furniture, is ordinary.  It's hard to keep anything noteworthy knowing we will gut the house if we need inventory.
  3. I love raking!  I find it very relaxing.
  4. I believe in fashion over function.  I feel a need to wear no less than 3" strappy little numbers no matter what I'm doing.
  5. I prefer hotdogs to hamburgers.
  6. I would rather sand a floor for 9 hours than sit in the shop for 3.
  7. I'm still waiting to feel like a grown-up;)
     The fun part............and not in any particular order!
  1. hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com  If you need a good, hard, falling-down laugh this is my go-to
  2. mommyneedsvodka.com   Are we finding a pattern?  I feel their pain and can relate on too many levels.
  3. foundingafather.wordpress.com  Great male take that's funny and sensitive.
  4. chrissiescollections.blogspot.com   This gal pays attention to all details.  She even thinks about the drawers.
  5. Chrisyscottage.blogspot.com   Beautiful shop and merchandising ideas.  Love her taste in clothing!
  6. amcinnisartworks.blogspot.com  Great storyteller!
  7. myfavoritehatemail.blogspot.com  If you have ever received any hate mail, there is worse.  This helps me put things in perspective with everything I do and say in and out of blog world and how we should treat one another.
  8. myshabbystreamsidestudio.blogspot.com  Everyone should have a space to themselves for whatever they what to do.  This is so cute and inspirational!
  9. mysimplehomelife.com  Jacqueline is someone I met in blog world whom I find inspiring and tremendously kind.  She is how I picture all influential bloggers.
     The last five are my go-to for inspiration.  They are my favorite for just browsing during my down time with lunch.  They are part of my daily routine when I need to force myself to step away from the paint can.
     Well, there you have it.  I've got so many other favorites that I could go on, so, I'm hoping they get mentioned on the way by other bloggers. 
     Thanks for this opportunity, Karajeanne!


  1. Wow thanks for the shout out Bethanie, I don't know you've set the bar pretty high, I better go post something witty...well I am in my underwear (o.k. that's a lie, I'm actually naked, sorry it's hot...I mean hot here, leave me alone I'm pregnant! ) does that count? Glad you enjoy my blog, here's to our dual success!

  2. Bethanie- Thank you so much for including me in your list of inspiration stops. It's such an honor to be recognized! Can't wait to check out your other favs.


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