Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sweet Little Desk Redo

     OK, I have to admit that this was good enough to leave alone, but at half the price and twice the time, it would have sold eventually.  For my attention span, I need a faster turn-over.
     I took a before shot here and I got to work on sanding it right away for the paint job.  This is one time I wish I had taken the palm sander to it rather than my usual 'it's good enough' sanding block because the paint did not adhere the greatest.  It is good enough but most desks are used roughly and I'm picturing this in a young person's room where hitting it with their toes will add more 'loving' a bit sooner.
     I totally lucked out with this paint.  I found it at a garage sale for 50 cents.  Usually, used paint comes in colors you already have or a color you would never think of using if your life depended on it.  I do tend to end up buying it all anyway because sometimes I can mix it to make something I might use.  For cheap, it can be a risk worth taking, if only for using it as a possible base coat.  I'm too cheap to use 'good' paint for a lousy base coat if I'm putting darker over it like going from raw, natural wood to a red or black.
     So, two coats of this fabulous mint color later, scuff and a paste wax buff finish.  I did let the paint cure for a couple days which was excruciatingly long for me.  Attention span and patience of a gnat.

     I really debated putting crystal knobs on it but my wooden knob collection is starting to breed and I just couldn't add to the family.  To help alleviate this problem, I found this great idea from The Scrap Shoppe Blog where Michele had used vinyl to decorate the fronts.  I'll probably hand paint something but the idea is fabulous!



  1. Love that color! It turned out wonderful. I hate waiting for paint to cure too!


  2. I lllllikkke it! I'm finding myself picking up cheapo paint too with the idea that I'll just mix...ah budgets!

  3. Hey Bethanie,
    Yeah! The world didn't end and I just awarded you the versatile blogger award, it's a twofer check it out at
    I hope your having a rapturous Sunday!


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