Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Ultra-Cool Reclaimed Bench

     Have I mentioned how much I love his benches?  Well, he did it again and I'm in love - the bench, of course!

     We had this old pew given to us.  By the time we got to it, it had been painted and left to the elements for a few years.  The color was great but peeling terribly in sheets and the seat was splitting and coming apart from it's sides.  We had it for sale 'as is' in the shop for over a year with no bites.  After moving it around the shop a few times it got even more precarious so we had put a 'free' sign on it with still no bites.  Finally, we moved it to our second shop when we had opened it because there was more room and that is when it gave up the ghost.  The poor thing collapsed in our hands.
     Not one to see it as kindling, my partner lovingly stored the parts away for a rainy day.  A year later, he has given new life to some of those parts.  He used the seat and back piece for the bench and cut a door in half for the sides.  The arm rest is made with cherry pieces he found in the basement of our building from another life.  He used his nifty pocket hole maker from a garage sale score to give a clean look front and back.  We debated greatly as to how to finish it and in the end he polyurethaned just the bench.  The back was left alone with the original green color.
     This bench was so long, we actually have enough for another project.  Oh, the possibilities!

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  1. The possibilities is right! I loved how it turned out.



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