Monday, February 28, 2011

She's Done! Ain't She a Beaut?

     I am always sceptical when I start one of these projects.  What can I do and still not lose the integrity of the piece? Am I going to compromise the structure?  Is the paint going to bleed?  Am I going to hate it?  Is it going to look like road kill and now I have to try to sell it?  The end result always makes a fresh believer out of me every time.  There is a beauty in that beast!
     It had feet missing and veneer issues on the top and some trim I wasn't crazy about.  I wanted a more cleaner,  lighter look so I popped the trim around the doors and drawers.  My real push and inspiration was that the veneer had to come off the drawers and to do that, the trim had to come off.  Why stop there?  Doors were next.  The top received ten pounds of filler, give or take and I was fortunate to find some pieces of the feet.  Not all but enough to make it look good. 
     After the usual sand, paint and distress treatment, she's turned into one of my very favorite pieces.  $225   SOLD


  1. Wow shes beautiful! Thank you so much for linking this up!

  2. It looks fantastic. Apparently I'm not the only one that thinks so. Did the paint even dry before it sold?

  3. That is awesome!!! Could you please drop me an email or visit my blog and let me know how you tackled the splitting veneer? I'm thinking about doing a makeover on an old vanity, but the veneer on the top looks awful. Do I just remove the veneer and then paint or what?? Would love, love, love your feedback. or on twitter @the_tall_chick

  4. Oh I love how this turned out!! It looks so much better painted!

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