Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's the Simple Changes

      Did you ever notice that it's the simplest things you do that can make something feel re-invented and fresh again?  That's how I feel with most furniture and, honestly, I was never a big believer until this last summer. 
     We had a vendor start at our corner shop who was an avid furniture painter and we loved having him around because he would buy up all the crappy veneer pieces we would bring in.  We laughed because we would get it ridiculously cheap at an auction and have it sold before it got off the truck.  He would be unloading it in the shop in three days painted up beautifully with a priced-to-move tag on it.  Nine times out of ten, it would be sold in three days.  Who's laughing now?  Putting it in perspective, our margin was killer but he ended up with the larger dollar amount.  Can't argue with either one but which would you rather have?  So, needless to say, we learned real quick.
     I agree that this isn't a huge transformation, but everyone has something in their house that they would love to get gone.  What if they thought about it differently and changed it somehow?  Painting is a cheap and easy option.  If you still don't like it, then give it to your nephew who's needing furniture in his new apartment. $36

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