Sunday, February 20, 2011

Double-Sided Bench

     I love, love my partner's benches!  He always manages to do something so original and unique from basically scraps of wood.  I've had some favs but this takes the cake.
     Do you see what it was originally?  Most of it is parts from and old crib I picked up at an auction four years ago.  I would like to add here that this is one of my purchases that solidifies my being a loony in his mind and, inevitably, I hear, 'What do you plan on doing with that?'  Little do men know, we do have a plan.  Anyway...
     The seats are from an old table top and the trim below that is from a house in town celebrating its one hundred year anniversary this year.
     There is a story behind this that you have to promise won't get back to him.  We have a basement under the shop that is his work space.  All the lumber and salvage is stored down there until he feels inspired (or until he realizes he is running out of room, whichever happens first.)  He started with the crib with the intention of salvaging all that he could.  He went out of his way to make it extra sturdy by using glue and a nail gun on most of it.  When it came time to move it to the sales floor, it wouldn't fit through the door.  Many explicatives and a few days later, we unhinged the door, removed the seats and only then did it go up no problem.
     I would normally never let him hear the end of it but I realize that this kind of thing happens to me all the time.  I can hardly point fingers.  Like the time I.....oh, you don't want to hear about that.
     Sidenote, it fits most doors just not our narrower basement door.   $130   SOLD

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