Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Sign in Cabin Life!

     I mentioned in an earlier post about some of the signs I painted and the one that started it all.  Susan Churchill was the gal with an idea.  If she hadn't walked in the shop that day,  I probably would have never started.
    As the story goes, Susan had been all over looking for someone to do a sign for her.  She was frustrated with the results of the search because all she could find was paying a lot for something that wasn't quite right.  When she described the project with the idea of using old crappy wood, I knew exactly shat she was looking for and the rest was experimentation on my part.  I could draw but I hadn't painted like this before, and then trying to turn off your emotions and scuffing it with sand paper?  There was much hesitation, to say the least.
     What if it didn't turn out right and I had to do it over?  Would I cry?  Would she cry?
     That's when I decided that I couldn't really ruin it.  Throwing caution to the wind, I got medieval on it.  I finished it with a cape cod grey stain and poly-ed it.
     I'd like to be able to say that because of me, she was featured in the March edition of Cabin Life magazine but her house is absolutely amazing and obviously didn't need my help. 
     So, Susan Churchill, I will raise a glass to you tonight and thank you again for a wonderful experience and a new discovery!

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  1. That is an amazing house and I'm sure your sign had a hand in her getting featured. :-) BTW...LOVE your name. Rusty Bucket! Love it. I'm going to look you up and see if you're store is in our path next time we drive up to the Dells. I'd love to see your store in person.
    :-) Sandra


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