Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dresser Inspiration

     I really like the glazed look.  I really do.  I actually can't wait to try it myself.  When I saw this dresser, I didn't like it.  I've admired all the projects I've seen on other blogs.  Maybe the glaze was too heavy, too much.  I thought this dresser looked dirty and I'm sure that was partially true because the glaze was tacky in some spots.  Anyway, it had to go.  
I had started sanding a little of the bottom drawer before I
 remembered to take pics
     Originally, I thought it had to be this fabulous red I just picked up.  It's a bright lipstick red, the kind the pin-ups wore and every gal wishes they could pull off.  Somehow, though, it didn't seem right.  I kind of liked the idea but I wasn't entirely sold.
     Meanwhile, I had been emailing Marian from Mustard Seed Interiors.  She had transformed this so-so dresser into this eye-catching beauty and I wanted to know exactly how she did it.  Fabulous, right?

     My partner took our dresser out back and did some initial sanding, basically to get it ready to be painted.
     It looked so much cleaner but not quite enough.  I took some steel wool to the details.  A little too much but I loved the look and that is when it hit me.  I could get Marian's look from my already painted piece.
     So, much sanding from my little block sander and a half a bag of steel wool later, I was satisfied with my new look.  I loved Marian's natural top look but I decided to leave a scant bit of paint on mine.

To finish the look, I polished the hardware                     
Before pic of glazed hardware.

                                         and used a paste wax to really make all the colors pop!

                                                           Did I mention it had a mirror?


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