Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bring Your Thick Skin!

Stack of Old Windows     Our buying secret?  Farm auctions are the best places to find junque!
     I don't mean the type where there's a lot of cattle and farm equipment on the bill.  I'm talking when it's a household sale where, for whatever the reason, everything has to get sold.  You have to be able to read between the lines at what they aren't selling.  It's the crap they find unworthy of a mention that's the ticket.
     The trick after that is patience.  It's usually long hours of standing around (average 6) before they actually get to the good stuff.  But, this leaves you plenty of time to scour the area because you are going to go into the depths of the basement, if it is permitted, walk through tall grass for anything good thrown out to the elements, find the burn pile for any good patina and the rafter-high pile behind the barn.  This last one is a closely guarded secret!
     Going in with eyes wide open and a trash-to-treasure attitude allows you the edge to see the possibilities that are so easily overlooked.
     Also, remember that with patience, creativity, a tetanus shot, long jeans and work boots,  you must bring your thick skin.  Yes, your thick skin.  Be prepared to be laughed at.
     I've had farmers rolling in the grass because of my eagerness to actually spend money on stuff that had been sitting outside for over three decades.  They aren't too eager to help, either, but they will sit back and supervise your efforts because they can't believe that rusted racks, jars of screws, bicycle parts, tomato cages, scrap wood, and buckets with holes are actually worth something to someone.  What they aren't seeing is that those jars are Ball jars dating 1905, the multicolored metal camp chairs, primitive benches, wrought iron scrap fencing, chicken feeders, birdhouses, the pile of bow back chairs , a vintage cigarette sign, and the iron sewing machine stand you bought virtually free.  Score!
     Now, who has the last laugh?
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  1. No laughing from me, I would be out there in my boots and long jeans digging with you! I haven't had a tetanus shot in a long time though, I will take care of that! I love Barn sales etc too. The bird houses with rusty junk on them are great! They just need a few painted shabby roses.

  2. Oh what I could do with those window frames. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you liked the Coke Jeans.
    Best Carolyn

  3. Whoever laughs at you doesn't know what they are missing. I think that going out and "dig " for old stuff is a great energy getter. We should join forces. You do the building and I do the distressing and or finishing. If you ever need a guest blogger for some distressing recipes let me know.

    Love your blog and intend to visit often.




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