Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Discovering White

I got inspired with this one. I had a customer wanting us to paint a dresser she had purchased from us white (veneer, don't worry) for her daughter's room. Of course it turned out cute but it's not something I would have done, not being a big white person. Love the look, but, admittedly, it scares me. I next turned to a shapely side table that needed loving but the right color hadn't been right until now. (I still can't remember 'before' shots so I didn't include it in a blog.) Then I turned to what had been a color dilemma before and knew it had to be white, too. Sometimes black and red can be so obvious that I forget there are other colors. Someone buy me a box of crayons!

This started as a standing flatware chest. We used it as a display case and quickly realized why the previous owners never put the legs on. They were pretty rickety. Upon retiring, it needed a face lift. I chopped the legs for more stability (they could easily come off for a different look, too) and gutted the inside. I painted it inside and out Blossom White from the American Accents collection, distressed it and added a knob. $32 SOLD

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